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Author: Eric Rodwell Created: 7/30/2007 7:54 AM
Living and working my mission and vision and sharing my thoughts along the way.

On January 15, 2013, Mindy Nairn Hartman Rodwell passed away, just 13 days short of her 59th birthday. She left behind a life that was lived full of love, passion, and challenge. Some 30 years earlier she was in a tragic car accident that left her confined to a wheel chair for the remainder of her life.

But Mindy would not let this disability discourage her from living a life she wanted to live. She went on to get married, give birth to a son and daughter, and provide and give back to her local community.

Her son, Ben, has grown into a strong, smart, and courageous young man who has spent the last several years serving his country in the US Army. He plans on leaving the active service and attending college next year.

Her daughter, Courtney, has grown into a smart, beautiful, and compassionate young women, who recently graduated from Colorado State University, with a major in Speech and Communication, and is preparing to enter the workforce.

Not only was Mindy able to raise two wonderful...

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When tomorrow starts without me And I'm not there to see If the sun should rise and find your eyes All filled with tears for me

I wish so much you wouldn't cry The way you did today. While thinking of the many things We didn't get to say.

I know how much you love me As much as I love you. And each time that you think of me I know you'll miss me too

But when tomorrow starts without me Please try to understand That an angel came and called my name and took me by the hand

And said my place was ready heaven far above And that I'd have to leave behind all those I dearly love

but when I walked through heaven's gates I felt so much at home when God looked down and smiled at me From His great golden throne

He said "This is eternity And all I've promised you" Today for life on earth is past But here it starts anew

I promise no tomorrow For today will always last And since each day's the same way There's no longing for the past

So when tomorrow...

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If you receive the following error while interacting with Team Foundation Server "The workspace [Workspace Name] already exists on computer [Computer Name]

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Here is an update on my nephew Ben and his journey in the US Army. For the original entry, please check out ‘What Were You Doing at the Age of 21?

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After installing .NET Framework 4.0, I noticed that one of our applications we build has stopped working. Specifically users receive the following error:

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I recently visited a Jimmy John's sandwich shop and read the following inspirational poster and I would like to share will all of you. How Much Is Enough?

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I finished reading "It's Better to Build Boys Than Mend Men" by Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, and I came across the following, which I wanted to share.

A Successful Dad

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As some of you may know, my wife and I welcomed a new baby daughter back in February named Sophia. However, this was not our first child. I cannot take credit for fathering our first child, but back on June 14, 1995, our first child, or should I say my wife’s first child was born. At the young age of 6 weeks old, my wife laid eyes on a baby Siberian husky that would become her first child and the love of her life.

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In the April 2009 issue of Inc, Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, Built to Last and How the Mighty Fall, had the following to say about entrepreneurship and how it relates to risk:

“Students used to come to me at Stanford and say, I’d really like to do something on my own, but I’m just not ready to take that much risk. So I took the job with IBM. And I would say, you’re not ready for risk? What’s the first thing you learn about investing?

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