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Oct 22

Written by: Eric Rodwell
10/22/2007 2:25 PM 

"Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted."
"You cannot change the cards we are dealt only the way we play the hand."
"Don’t complain just work harder."
"Find the best in everybody; no matter how long you have to wait for them to show it."
"Luck is where preparation meets opportunity."

From "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" a lecture by Randy Pausch of Carnegie Mellon.

Randy Pausch, head of Virtual Reality within the Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon, has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and was told in August 2007 to expect a remaining three to six months of good health. He gave one of the most moving and inspirational speeches I have seen where he talks about his childhood dreams and some of the lessons he has learned in his short life.

I would recommend everyone to view and listen to the lecture and see how a remarkable person is dealing with his terminal illness, still has a passion and zest for life, loves and respects his family and still inspires and motivates those whose paths he cross on a daily basis.
As Randy Pausch says throughout the lecture, “Brick walls are only put in our way to prove to ourselves how badly we want something.”

View the entire lecture on Google video

View Randy’s website


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