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Entrepreneurial Bug

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been helping my daughter turn her hobby of making slime into a business complete with a website, online store, and business cards. Maybe it’s been all of the Shark Tank episodes we have been watching, maybe it’s the discussions we have been having about how to earn money outside of an allowance. In any event, it has been fun working side-by-side her to buy supplies, build her website, figure out pricing, and making a few stops to the post office to figure out what size boxes would fit her different slime. It’s also been cool to start teaching her about profit and loss, supply and demand, and customer service. She’s also learned that creating a business is a lot of hard work and just because she has an online store doesn’t mean people are going to start buying her slime. She’s had some success, making her first sale to a friend for birthday party favors. She’s also had some failure, which is great, she thought the minute she announced her site was live on Instagram, all her slime would sell out immediately. I’m not sure where Slime by Sophie will end up in the future, I know I’ve enjoyed the time spent with my daughter, time that will continue to build her confidence and independence and time that we will both cherish. If you or someone you know is interested in slime, you can visit her site at

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