Previous Engagements

12 FEB

conga sko

Conga's Annual Sales Kick Off was hosted at the Hotel Boulderado in Boulder, CO on February 12, 2020.


Eric inspired the Global Go-To-Market team with a speech about managing change through 'The Most Important Tool in Your Toolbox'  

27-28 FEB

conga connect

Conga Connect was hosted at the Gaylor Palms in Orlando, Florida on Febrary 27-28.

Conga Connect is the Digital Document Transformation event of the year with  hands-on, interactive workshop sessions and customer-led best practice sessions that will enable customers to use the Conga Suite to solve the business problems they need to solve

24, 31 MAR

work from home tips

Eric spoke to the Global Conga team providing Work from Home Tips in an inspiring and fun manner. 

29 APR

Isaac Westwood, Chief Operating Officer at Simplus, and Eric Rodwell, Vice Presdient of Solutions Engineering at Conga, have spent many years leading remote teams and will discuss how they tackle some of the biggest challenges of remote work while keeping the teams efficient and having fun.

5 MAY / 2 JUN

New hire training

Join Eric as he talks to Conga new hires about the Solutions Engineering role including:

  • What is an SE

  • What does an SE do?

  • How do you interact with an SE?

  • Global presence

  • Additio Resources


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