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Fear. We’ve all heard and read many things that say fear is a strong motivating factor, both in our successes and our failures. Whether it is a fear of failure or making a mistake or the wrong decision or taking that leap of faith and jumping at a new opportunity, fear drives a lot of our decisions.

Over the weekend my daughter competed in a #cheer competition. Going into the second day she told me that she was scared. She was scared that she was going to fail and that she was going to let down her teammates, her coaches, and herself. Holding back tears I said that’s why you prepare, practice, and work hard everyday, so you are ready for these types of moments.

Sports are such a great teacher of life lessons and in that brief moment she was able to recognize, confront, and overcome her fear. Her and her teammates did awesome and she learned that just because we fear something doesn’t mean we can’t do it.

After all you never know what will happen when you take that leap of faith, overcome your fears, and believe in yourself and your teammates… #fear #motivation #lifelessons #team

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