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Social Media Director. Few of you probably know that I started a position last year as Social Media Director for my daughter’s local Allstar cheer team. No big announcement and no big fan fare because it’s not really a big deal.

Over the years I worked diligently for a Director title and was excited to finally achieve that title after years of hard work. And the funny thing is I became a Social Media Director overnight. Why share the news now? Talking with people, they thought it was cool that as a 45-year old I dove into the deep end to learn something new. They also thought it was cool that I was volunteering my time to highlight and support our local cheer gym and athletes and give back to the community. And finally, they thought it was a cool part of my story, something that would probably seem very unusual and unique for someone with my background.

There are many reasons I like the role, however there are two main reasons. First, and most importantly, I get to highlight young athletes and share their struggles and successes with their sport. I want our athletes, parents, families, friends, and community to be proud to be part of and support our cheer program. Second, it’s a great creative outlet for me. I don’t necessarily consider myself a creative person, but it’s really pushed me and allowed me to explore and expand my creativity. It’s also been really nice to hear feedback from the athletes, coaches, parents, other teams, and those in the cheer community, that they have enjoyed the content and think we are doing a great job! Like any role, I have a lot of room for improvement and have much to learn, as social media changes overnight, and I really need to improve my TikTok skills 😂 .

And like any good Social Media Director, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask you to give us a follow, smash that like button, and share with your friends, families, and co-workers. If you want to check out some fun cheerleading content (cools stunts, strong tumbling, having fun, maybe a few bloopers and laughs), and watch young adults battle through adversity, overcome obstacles, and work together as a team to achieve success, you can find us at cheer#cheerleading#socialmedia#socialmediamarketing#alwayslearning#learnsomethingnew#learnsomethingneweveryday

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