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Impact. Almost every morning I wake up and ask myself if I did enough the previous day, did I make an impact. Each year I look back and ask the same thing. It's something I struggle with on an ongoing basis, am I doing enough and making a difference. My wife Tashawna Rodwell would tell you it drives her crazy as being a good husband and father is more than enough.

However, the work you do day in and day out needs to make a difference, otherwise why are we doing it? I know I can make an impact with the team I'm leading and the people I interact with each day and that is awesome and amazing, but again I ask myself is that enough?

One of our amazing customer support team members Tanya Halloran reminded all of us at Conga yesterday that our work can make a difference. After assisting a customer with their support questions, she received a nice note from them, thanking her for her help. The customer is a non-profit and is supporting #covidー19 response, needing to send out medical supplies and making sure their team can generate pick labels for their staff to pull the right materials.

With all that is going on in the world today, it's nice to know that the work you put your blood, sweat, and tears into each day is making a difference #impact #makeadifference #makeanimpact #GoConga

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