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More activities does not lead to better outcomes

More activities does not lead to better outcomes. The right types of activities lead to the right outcomes. Just because you decide to book more meetings, make more calls, or schedule more demos, doesn't mean it will lead to better outcomes. In fact, I would argue it will lead to worse outcomes.

Why? Because you are not taking the time to understand the best strategy to break-in and ultimately win the account and ensure the customer is successful. You are not taking the time to understand the customer's business problems and align your solution to solve those problems. You are using hope as a strategy and hope that someone will respond to your email or phone call, or magically call you saying they want to buy your solution. You hope that your generic demo will be so compelling that they will want to buy on the spot.

Buyers are inundated with requests around how a

product / solution with solve their every need. They see tons of messages talking about how the product will reduce time, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiencies. I receive handfuls of these email every day and it is clear people are not taking a targeted approach to earning my business.

When pipeline is down, when numbers are down, when

the economy is down, when the pressure intensifies from your manager and leadership, spinning up twice the amount of activity is not the answer. Slowing down, taking the time to understand your customer's needs, taking the time to craft a solid strategy, and aligning your internal teammates is the best approach.

It takes strong leadership at all levels to focus on the long term, to balance the short-term revenue needs vs. the long term needs of scaling a business and ultimately making customers wildly successful.

As Bruce Lee says "Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity." #sales#leadership#strategy

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