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Pressure. Anyone that has been in sales long enough knows that the pressure around the end of the month, the quarter, and the year can get quite intense.

Deals that you thought were certain to close, now have risk in them and you are sweating and stressing if it will close or not. Something

that you thought was a certainty is now uncertain. Everything you do is under more scrutiny, stress increases, and everyone can feel it.

However, what shouldn't change is the behavior. If you follow a sound sales process, develop and empower the people closest to the action to make decisions, trust in them and their acumen, you have to live with the outcomes and results, even if they are less than ideal sometimes. Because if you develop, empower, and trust people, next time around they will deliver the ideal outcome and results, and guess what they may even surprise you with

outcomes and results that you never imagined.

Professional and personal life is all about balance, too much of one thing is bad. And that goes with pressure as well. We've all heard the saying that diamonds are only created under pressure, however the opposite is also true. As Amanda Goetz says, constant pressure on something will make it crack, not grow. #pressure#sales#growth#development#trust#empowerment

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