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Process. Probably one of the scariest words any seller wants to hear. Why, because they immediately think that their job will become tougher as there are more internal hoops to jump through. It's hard enough to do my job, now I have to fill out a form to engage a resource instead of just booking time on their calendar, that's absurd!

Why is process so important? Because you can't continue to throw people at every problem. In order to scale, you have to introduce more process. In order to protect your team from burning out, you have to introduce more process. In order to have a consistent buyer experience, you have to introduce more process. In order to have healthy push back and an understanding of tradeoffs, you have to introduce more process.

Of course you don't want to create process for process sake and when rolling out process you want to ensure you share why you are creating the new process, what problems it will solve, and how it benefits and actually makes the seller's job easier.

One of the best pieces of advice I received around process is that when you create a process, you now have the ability to push back on the process itself and not the individual.

I'm also a big believer that if we create and follow a good process, the results will follow #process#scale

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