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Proud. This past weekend we were supposed to be in Kansas City celebrating the end of my daughter’s competitive cheer season with a trip to the US Finals.

Unfortunately, with the current situation, the event was cancelled, which was disappointing. One of the positives that has come out of the cancellation is a reflection by the team, coaches, and parents of just how proud we are of this group of girls.

Back in August when the team was formed, it was the first time this gym had a cheer team. It was also the first time that any of the girls cheered on a competitive team. It was amazing to see each of them work so hard, for each other, and achieve success that no one thought was possible. They finished the season as 3x national champions.

When I look at the team we’ve created at Conga, I see a group of dedicated individuals that continue to achieve success, no matter the obstacle. I’m so proud of what everyone on the team has been able to accomplish and what we continue to accomplish daily.

Given the current situation, it’s amazing to see people genuinely be there for each other, build each other up, and support each other unconditionally.

And I can’t wait to see what this dedicated group of individuals accomplishes next! #proud #soproud #teamwork

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