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Resilience. Today was one of the toughest days of my professional career and for many of my colleagues it was even tougher as they find themselves looking for a new job.

During my first job, I found myself in the exact same situation. I had just closed on a house and within a few days I was notified my position was being eliminated. I was completely shocked, surprised, and utterly devastated.

And then guess what happened? The company that let me go had some extra passes to a golf tournament and since I had extra time on my hands, I attended the tournament. A few months later I was dating the girl I met on the 18th green and 18 years later we are still happily married and blessed with an amazing daughter.

For all my colleagues and friends impacted by today’s events, know that better days lie ahead. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and while you don’t know that reason today, you may look back and find out that your life was changed for the better tomorrow.

For my network, there are some awesome people available to join your team, please reach out and I’ll provide an introduction. And for those that were impacted, let me know how I can help, whether that is an introduction, a recommendation, a reference, or just to lend an ear #resilience

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