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Stress. Lately I've been feeling a lot of stress and I know the team has also been feeling a similar amount of stress. Some of this is due to our own doing, high performers who want to always exceed expectations. Some of this is due to where we are in the year and quarter, as sellers this comes with the territory. Some of this is due to the macroeconomics and uncertainty we are all feeling.

During our team standup earlier this week, we had an open discussion around the stress we are all feeling and I shared that I had a particularly tough few days. I've received positive feedback that the team appreciated this open dialogue and acknowledgment that this is also how they are feeling. We also discussed a few ideas on how to best deal with this stress (take a day or afternoon or few hours off, take internal meetings while you enjoy a walk, adjust start/end time of meetings to allow 5 minute passing period).

I also shared that no job should cause so much stress that it impacts your health, your personal relationships, your commitments to your friends and family, and ultimately your own well-being. However no job is going to be completely stress free. A lot the time this stress leads to growth as you are feeling the stress due to facing a new challenge. And how great do you feel when you overcome the challenge and work through the stress? You learn how to grow when faced with an obstacle.

It's also important to note that your attitude and how you respond to a situation determines your level of stress. As Hans Selye, who was a pioneer in early stress research says, "it is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it." #stress#growth#leadership#vulnerability

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