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Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Trust. There have been a lot of posts lately on remote work and tips and tricks for successfully working remotely. These are all great ideas such as over-communicating, using technology like webcams, instant messenger apps, and online meetings. Investing in a dedicated work space, taking regular breaks and creating a schedule and process that works for you are all great ideas. However, remote work comes down to a very important piece and that is trust.

Have you created an environment where you trust your people to do the right thing when no one is looking? Have you empowered your employees and given them the confidence that you believe in them, their skills and abilities, and trust them to make the right decisions? If not, all the communication, technology, and process in the world will not matter when it comes to remote work.

If you and your team are lacking in trust, what are some things you can do? Create an environment where you welcome feedback, debate, and ideas. Create an environment where it's safe to experiment, take risks, and learn from mistakes. Create an environment where you empower your team.

And remember if you do not trust people, they will not trust you

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