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Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Anxiety. It’s something we all get and each of us deal with it differently. Remember this when you have an employee reach out to you late at night or first thing in the morning with an emergency. While it might not be an earth ending situation, they may have been dealing with the anxiety all night and haven’t been able to sleep, or all day just waiting for the chance to connect with you. That’s why #EmotionalIntelligence is so important so you can take time for introspection and understand what you are feeling and why and then be able to deal with those emotions, both negative and positive. It’s also important so that you can deal with the emotions of the people you lead and work with, not take on the burden of their emotions, but be able to show empathy and help them deal with their emotions such as anxiety.

With all of the news about the #coronavirus and the uncertainty around how this may affect our daily lives, everyone’s anxiety is heightened. Reassure those people around you that are feeling more anxious today that it will calm down, it will be all right and things are usually not as bad as they seem #emotionalintelligence #anxeity #leadership #mentalhealth #eq

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