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Challenge. One of the reasons I decided to join SalesLoft was that I felt I wasn’t being challenged enough, wasn’t getting 1% better each day, and was doing a disservice to myself and my team. Fast forward a few weeks and the challenge has been all that I expected and more.

First, it started when I received my new Mac, which I’ve been a PC user for the past 25+ years. It’s been embarrassing and humbling a few times like when I couldn’t share my screen during my intro team call (system preferences—>sharing—>click the lock icon).

Next, my team is challenging me to be the best leader possible. One person said they were going to hold me to such a high standard, it might be impossible to achieve. That’s the type of challenge I embrace and I’ll do everything I can to advocate, support, and lead them everyday.

Finally, the talent at SalesLoft is remarkable. Every interaction I’ve had has taught me something, made me think of a new idea, and at times just pause in awe at the impact the people around me are making. It’s also shown me that there is a lot I don’t know and a lot I still need to learn.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, just remember we don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges #leadership #challengeyourself #challenge #growth

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