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People often ask what the biggest factor for long term success is and I is believe it’s the ability to be coached. I’m also a believer that humility and dedicating yourself to lifelong learning are also important, however if you can be coached you are humble and always looking for ways to learn and get better.

Last night my daughter came home from cheerleading practice and asked me why I thought she was on the team. After all, she admitted she is not the best tumbler or athlete on the team. She then told me about how she is working on a new skill. Due to the holidays she’s working with a new coach, so she’s not familiar with my daughter. The two of them worked on the new skill and at one point the new coach talked to the cheer coach telling her how she was able to provide a few tips, my daughter took those tips, made adjustments, and by the end of practice was able to improve her new skill.

After hearing this story, I told my daughter this is exactly why she is on the team. While she’s not the most talented athlete, she’s coachable and able to take that coaching and turn it into results, getting a little bit better each practice.

Being coachable isn’t always easy as you must take feedback, internalize it, and then make changes to improve. As John Wooden says “It’s what you learn, after you know it all, that counts.” #coachable #coach #leadership #success

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